Travel Tips Most People Don’t Know

Travel Tips By Pearsonairlinelimousine

Anyone who travels often knows the rules of the road, or the rules of the air or boat. There are so many simple things associated with traveling that you maybe unaware off. You assume everyone knows you should arrive at the airport at least two hours in advance, or that everyone knows you must present a major credit card to rent a luxury car at a car service facility. It turns out many people are simply unaware of some of the most basic travel tips, and we are surprised by this. In our years providing Pearson Airline Limousine and wedding transport for couples looking to enjoy their honeymoon by departing their reception, we’ve encountered many people surprised by specific travel tips. Whether you travel all the time or you travel on occasion, these tips might help.

Bring One Night and Your Essentials in A Carry-On

This is a rule many people don’t know. Our professional chauffeurs have come across many clients in our luxurious and comfortable limos who don’t have any of their luggage. They’re distraught and forced to find somewhere to pick up the essentials until they can retrieve their baggage later that day or the next. It happens all the time, and we always advise our guests to pack the essentials as a carry-on. Your phone chargers, your nightly routine items, your important documents or items, and a change of clothes. If your luggage is lost and won’t be delivered for a day or two, at least you have the things you need most on hand.


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Let Others Helps You

When you travel, the people who work for your hotel and airline are there to help you. Did you forget to pack deodorant or a toothbrush in your bag? Don’t go out late at night or rush to find deodorant or toothbrush elsewhere while you’re in the middle of getting ready for an event. Call down to the front desk and ask them to find these things for you. They are happy to help. You will find the concierge at your hotel is always happy to arrange for us to pick you up in one of our luxurious limos for a night out like:

  • Dinner Reservations.
  • Show Tickets.
  • Event You’re Attending.

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Become A Loyalty Program Member

It doesn’t matter if you travel often or not, always sign up for all hotel, airline, and other loyalty memberships. You earn points, get discounts, and you even receive free items. Some hotels offer their loyalty members free coffee delivered to their room. Some provide complimentary Wi-Fi or other services upon your arrival at their hotel. These are free programs, and it’s always a good idea to sign up. Don’t let your next vacation be anything less than fantastic! so you take advantage of these perks and tips when you can.

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