Requests to cancel a pick-up made to the general office phone number and contact email will not be acknowledged and it is the responsibility of the passenger to ensure he contacts the reservation department. Multiple address pick-ups/drop-offs will be charged a minimum of $15.00 per stop.

407 Toll

If a passenger requests the use of ETR Highway, the toll will be charged according to 407 ETR fare calculator.

Waiting charges

  1. For a pickup at an airport, 1st one hour from landing is free and after that
    there will be a charge of $8.00 for every 10 minutes.
  2. For a pickup other than airport, 1st 10 minutes will be free & after that there will be a charge $8.00 for every 10 minutes.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

For Pickup within GTA:

  •  Orders cancelled prior to 48 hours of the pickup time will not be charged.
  • Orders cancelled within 48 hour of the pickup time will be charged at $25.
  • Orders cancelled within 2 hour before pickup or no-show will be charged at 100% of the fare.