Business Travel Smart Eating!


We are often under pressure in our business travel to get through our itinerary without missing a beat. This might mean paying deeper attention at client meetings or ensuring we know precisely the airport departure times. In the stress of traveling you might skipping out on exercise, sleep, and on proper diet.

Stress Free Business Travel

It’s important for you to enough time and space to plan out a stress-free business travel and smart eating schedule. We can help you maintain your perspective in this regard through our Pearson Airline Limousine, offering you safe, comfortable, luxurious transportation to the airport or other destination.


Smart Eating

Eating smart isn’t simply munching down on an energy bar when we’re hungry. It means putting some foresight into what we are eating, when, and how much. A daily review of your meals and timings the night before or in the morning can vastly aid in ensuring you have consistent energy for the next day.


Body Requirements

We should consider the variety of nutrients our body requires and the different levels needed for different levels of activity we are planning. If you are exerting a lot of activity, you should ingest more carbohydrates including pasta, bread, rice, and fruits.



If you are lugging a lot of luggage or cargo around, you should consume enough protein to rebuild your muscles, through eggs, meat, beans or milk. And if you are spending a lot of time in the sunlight, you should make sure you are drinking enough fluids with electrolytes.


Foods To Avoid

There are certain foods to avoid, especially if traveling internationally. Common wisdom dictates that we should eat only what is boiled, steamed, or fried. Cold foods, especially water or milk-based foods, are prone to bacteria and parasites and could lead to unforeseen gastrointestinal disturbance. This could not only make your trip miserable but could lead to sabotage of your business plans.


Taking Care Of Health

When we eat smart, as well as take care of our health, we are increasing the duration of our productivity and are able to sustain our energy for longer periods of time. Further, we minimize the chances of falling sick by having the right illness-fighting nutrients in our body.


Business Efficient

We will not only be able to function more effectively for our business obligations but will also be able to think of creative options and recognize exceptional opportunities during our travels. We’ll be able to enjoy our travels far more, paying attention to the unique sites, scenery, and locales along the way, rather than the grumblings of our stomach and body.


Business Travel

Stress is one of the leading causes of unhealthy eating habits. To think proactively about your diet, it’s important to keep your mind level throughout your trip. By providing you with a safe, luxurious, professional Pearson Airline Limousine, we can give you a little bit of extra solace on your next business trip, ensuring you are able to think clearly and methodically about your travel plans without shortchanging your health in the process.

Smart Eating and Travel with pearson

Car Rental Service In Canada

Car Rental Service In Canada

Pearson offers the best car rental service in Canada. We have the trained and professional drivers  for our best customer services. We hope if you start your journey with us from any destination, like to the airport or from the airport.

Basic Things To Kept In Mind! 🙂

Mostly people travel on a seasonal basis it is because of work and school schedules. Traveling during the holidays! brings a lot of challenges like peak factors on hotels rent. Crowded airport and traffic is a nightmare in holidays. Plan your trip for a non-peak season when air travel is cheaper and accommodations are less crowded. This will result in a less hectic travel experience.

Our Fleets

Our fleets are in running conditions, we don’t use fleets more than age of five years. Pearson always check and balance on the fleets, that they are in running condition physically fit, because we’re always worried for our customer safety as well as comfort.

Book Now For The Best Car Rental Service In Canada

If you’re in the mood to travel anywhere in Ontario. Feel free to contact us right now and book your favorite limo for your upcoming plans, like business trips, going for party, going to wedding or any other plan in which, you want yourself to be stress-less and comfortable.

car rental serivce in Canada

4 Reasons Why Renting a Limo

reasons why renting limo is better

4 Reasons Why Renting A Limo Over Other Cars.


If you’re looking for renting a limo, you have a lot of options. No matter the event, you can choose a professional limo and there are 4 reasons why renting a limo is way better than Uber. Uber is incredibly popular right now, and many people decide to ride with Uber. So, why choose a limo over Uber? Here are some things that might convince you.


Limos are professional
If you want to become a limo driver, you have to do a little more than simply slap a sticker on your car and go through a background check. Professional limo drivers are licensed to be just that.


  • Limo Employees

They are full-time employees who dedicate their time to your needs, not just someone willing to drive you to your work on the way to their own office.


Limousines allow you to ride in style
If you’ve ever taken an Uber before, you know that you might be riding in just about anything. You might show up to a party in a beat down, rusted out old car that barely runs. Instead, you could arrive in style in a limo.


You have guaranteed rates with a limo
Uber is notorious for their “prime time” or “surge” pricing. This means if you need to call an Uber during busy hours, you’re going to have to pay more. This isn’t the case with a limo. You book the car, and you pay the rate presented to you. There’s no surge in price if the service gets busy.


Limos go through more screening
In many states, Uber drivers and their cars don’t have to go through the same type of screenings that limos and their drivers do. For example, many limos need to go through regular inspections as well as pay for certifications.

  • Uber drivers and Limo drivers

Uber drivers just have to follow the state’s laws on inspections for their personal vehicles. Plus, limo drivers must obtain and maintain a chauffeur’s license, and Uber drivers just need to pass their driver’s test when they’re 16.


  • So, these are the 4 Reasons Why Renting A Limo Over Uber.


  • So, why choose a limo over Uber? Limos are professional, they are stylish, the rates are locked, and drivers are screened rigorously.

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Business Trips Accessories You Must Have

Accessories for Business Trips

A benefit of working as an entrepreneur is that you will enjoy some business trips. But those trips can be a little stressful if you are not prepared. Fortunately, modern technology has yielded a few essential accessories for business travel.

Your Luggage

You should begin by doing some research into the best luggage brands. Find bags that come equipped with a GPS unit. If the airline loses them, you can simply tell them where they are.

WiFi Hot spot

You can probably anticipate that the WiFi in your hotel will not be very good, with all of the guests sharing the limited bandwidth. Some business travelers use their phone or other devices to create a WiFi hot spot. It will be useful if you have to write emails or do other work while you are in the hotel.

Bluetooth Keyboard

There are pretty compact Bluetooth keyboards that are easier to transport than a laptop. You can connect them to your smartphone, allowing you to work more efficiently on the plane.

Waterproof Phone Case

Considering the sensitive information most people keep on their smartphones these days, a waterproof phone case has become a necessity. During your business trip, you cannot lose access to your phone. Prepare for the unexpected with this phone case.

Soundproof Headphones

It can be frustrating to work around other people. While you are on the flight, other passengers will be chatting, babies will be crying, and it will be difficult to focus. But you can drown all of that noise out with a pair of soundproof headphones.

An Eye Mask

It can be difficult to sleep somewhere that you have never been. This can compromise your business trip because functioning on just a few hours of sleep will make it more difficult to engage with your colleagues. Also, if you want to catch a nap on the plane, the eye mask is highly recommended to block out the light.

An Accessory Case

If you are traveling with all of your electronics, you might have a jumble of tangled cords stuffed into your bag. This will be frustrating if you are in a rush to get to a meeting. Find a good accessory case with multiple compartments for each charger.


If you have never been to the city before, navigation can be a hassle. Many cities have pretty aggressive drivers, and visitors often cannot find their way around. Many business travelers have shifted the burden onto our professional chauffeurs by hiring Pearson Airline Limousine

Pearson chauffeurs are far more courteous and efficient than public transportation. If you rely on us, you can expect to be on time for your meetings.  Our service is an essential accessory for business travel.

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Cheap Travel Options Just Visit US

Cheap Travel Options With

Your cheap travel accommodation isn’t just for sleeping and storing your things for the duration of your stay. For a successful trip, the accommodation you choose also need to be able to support your activities and fit your spending budget. Of course, more and more types of accommodations are popping up these days, so we’ve listed down our top three comfort favorites that you can easily find in most places around the world.



It’s pretty easy to find this type of accommodation in most cities and towns around the world. Travelers can expect to sleep in a private bedroom with an attached bathroom, and there’s also the added bonus of room and laundry cleaning services, as well as daily housekeeping. No matter the duration of your stay, you can enjoy various features such as Wi-Fi, pool, restaurant, gym, and a 24-hour front desk.



  • A great option for those seeking comfort and convenience.
  • More quality control, and this is especially true for large-chain hotel brands.



  • Depending on the star rating and reputation of the hotel, you can expect to pay quite a fair bit.
  • Might not be the best choice for those looking to immerse themselves culturally.


Guest Houses

Also known as bed and breakfasts (B&B), this type of accommodation is usually housed in a historic building. Most proprietors live in or on site, and you can also expect a more “homey” atmosphere, especially with a daily communal style breakfast in the dining area. You can pay a little more for a private room and bathroom, but there’s also the option of sharing a common bathroom.



  • A good option for travelers seeking some peace and quiet.
  • Housekeeping is also provided.
  • Proprietors are usually a great source of local knowledge.



  • For those seeking a party scene or more high-tech amenities, you’ll want to look elsewhere.
  • Room conditions and rates vary depending on the proprietors.


Private Rentals

The duration of your cheap travel does affect the type of accommodation you choose, and in some cases, you might prefer the presence of certain types of facilities that can only be obtained by renting a flat, apartment or condo. In this instance, Airbnb falls under this category. Another great thing about this type of accommodation is that you can also choose to rent out the entire place or share a sleeping space with the home’s occupants.



  • Groups get a travelers rate after splitting the costs.
  • Access to kitchen and laundry facilities that can cut down the costs of eating out and washing your clothes.
  • Great for travelers seeking a sense of home with privacy and stability.
  • Might be cheaper for those staying long-term.



  • House and room conditions can vary widely.
  • Some renters may have to handle the housekeeping themselves.


For more assistance on finding the perfect accommodation for your trip as well as airport transfers, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Count on Pearson Airline Limousine for all your transportation needs. Our top-notch staff and chauffeurs are always more than happy to meet your needs and preferences, so just give us a call or book our services online to start enjoying your stay with us today.


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Airport Trip 3 Smart Tips!

Airport Trip?

Pearson Airline Limousine specialists understand this all too well and, as such, we have decided to come up with a list of useful airport tips to make all your subsequent airport trip experiences much less stressful. We would like to recommend employing our Pearson Airline Limousine services for all your airport transportation needs. Below are the some tips for your relaxing trip.

Time Management For The Airport Trip

Our experienced chauffeurs will consider all factors including traffic, weather, road conditions, day of the week, time of year, and the shortest, fastest, safest routes to the airport trip, which will allow them to pick you up from your residence at the appropriate time and expediently transfer you to the airport leaving you with time to spare.

Relaxing Trip

Our trained and professional drivers are behind the wheels, so you only have to relax and enjoy the luxury amenities, and you will reach at the airport before you know it.

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Right Day For Airport Trip

When you are planning for the airport, it is important to think about the day you are choosing. Alot of people don’t know this but, airports are busy on Monday mornings, Thursday evenings, and almost every day during the holidays. The rest of the days are the perfect days for airport travel.

Time Giving

If you’re going on holidays and weekends ensure that you give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport. So, you don’t miss your flight because you have to go through security and boarding. To avoid doing that panic you have to give us plenty of time.


Mark Luggage For Airport Trip

Chances are, someone has the same exact suitcase/bag you have, perhaps even several people. A lot of travelers even confuse their luggage for other persons.

Identification Of Luggage

To help you quickly identify your belongings and make your baggage claim process much smoother, mark your luggage with a name tag on it. You could even go as far as attaching brightly colored ribbons to help you identify all your luggage from a distance.


Check-In Online

Queuing for long periods of time is not uncommon at the airport and, which is one of the most frustrating aspects of the airport experience. To be able to save yourself some of this pain, most airlines allow you to check-in online.

Customer Priority

At Pearson Airline Limousine, you are always our top priority. We strive to provide you with the best possible customer service in the industry.

airport trip booking

Stress Free Traveling Tips

Stress Free Traveling

For avid travelers, anticipating a trip is just as exciting as taking the actual trip, wouldn’t you agree?You are looking forward to the amazing places you will see, interesting people you will meet and the memories you will make just with stress free traveling. But as much as trips always seem perfect in foresight and hindsight. We all know that not everything works out exactly as we had planned it during the actual trip, and this can be quite disorienting at the moment.


Business Travel

Having been in the travel business for several years now, our Pearson Airline Limousine specialists understand this all too well and our mission in this post is to share a few tips on how to deal with stress while traveling. We hope these go a long way in making your subsequent business trips as smooth as possible. Trying to navigating unfamiliar territory can be one of the most stressful aspects of travel! even when you are using applications like google maps.


Book Now For Stress Free Traveling

With Pearson Airline Limousine, you are guaranteed a comfortable, hassle-free ride to any location of your choosing. Our reputable car service will handle all the logistics and make sure that you are exactly where you need to be when you need to be there. All you have to do is relax, enjoy the company of your friends/family, and you will be at your destination before you know it.

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The following are a few more tips on how to deal with stress free traveling on trip.

Stop Procrastinating

Some of the great stress we experience in life are self-inflicted, and it is not different when traveling. We avoid making a checklist of all the items we want to carry until the last minute and, as a result, we may realize that we forgot something important when it’s too late. We put off doing our research on potential accommodations at our destination and we end up in a place with poor services and amenities. Take your time to plan out the trip, start planning a month ahead, just to ensure that all the essential and foreseeable factors have been adequately catered for.


Pick a Non-Peak Season

Mostly people travel on a seasonal basis it is because of work and school schedules. Traveling during the holidays! brings a lot of challenges like peak factors on hotels rent. Crowded airport and traffic is a nightmare in holidays. Plan your trip for a non-peak season when air travel is cheaper and accommodations are less crowded. This will result in a less hectic travel experience.


Bring a Book

Various studies have found that reading actually decreases stress. Reading enables you to momentarily escape life’s stressors by immersing yourself in a totally different, literary world. According to a study conducted by the University of Sussex in 2009! ‘Reading reduces a person’s stress by up to 68%’, bring your favorite book along for your next trip.

stress free travel booking

Safety Talk: Your Safety is Our Priority

Pearson Airline Limousine Safety Talk

Pearsonairlinelimousine mission is to provide clients the best experience with added emphasis on matters of safety talk. So if you’re on the way to a special night with loved ones or to catch an important business flight, going to a friend’s birthday party, you will enjoy the comfort and style as well as the highest level of safety standards in the market.


Following are the few reasons why you choose pearsonairlinelimousine.

Professionally Trained Chauffeurs

We have the best chauffeurs in the industry. All chauffeurs are:

  • Trained.
  • Properly Licensed.
  • Carefully Screened.

We ensure that they are qualified in all matters of concierge, ground transportation and customer care. We conduct extensive background checks to ensure that each of the chauffeurs in our employee is of exceptional character, guaranteeing you the best, all-round transportation experience that exceeds even client’s highest expectations.


Our Fleet

Pearsonairlinelimousine strive to provide all customers with vehicles that fit their individual travel needs. Our fleet is not only extensive but diverse, our impressive fleet also undergoes routine inspections and maintenance, ensuring that they are perpetually in pristine running conditions.


safety talk

Privacy and Data Protection

Your privacy, safety talk and security are not only the priority to us during your ride, but also every-time. We pay close attention to all our client’s protection and security and you can rest assured that all your personal information is safe whenever you are riding with us. Pearson systems are updated to ensure the safety of all customer information during data processing.



We have the technology of GPS tracking systems in our vehicles, which allows to monitor all customer’s movements from the moment customer take off to the time to arrive at destination, further ensuring safety at every moment when you’re with us.

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Safe Travel Hands In Limo

Understanding Our Company

A huge part of our private transportation service is dedication to customer’s safe travel and  satisfaction. We are not some run of the mill airport shuttle — our fleet consists of top-notch Limousines. The option of having a 4×4 vehicle for your airport transportation can mean the difference of comfortable journey.

Safe Travel In Our Fleets

Peace of mind when you travel in luxurious SUVs. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave the Lincoln continental, Lexus E300, Chrysler 300 a four-star overall rating. This rating includes a five-star side crash test and a four-star front side crash test. The  Cadillac Escalade, GMC Yukon XL and Ford Expedition scored nearly identically on all categories as well. Keeping you and your family safe is prime priority, and pearson vehicle standards represent that belief.

Call Us Now To Book Today For Your Upcoming Trips, we will make sure to give you the best comfort on the trip.

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Our fleets also brings the best in airport services when it comes to spaciousness and safe travel. Pearson vehicles can accommodate seven adults and their collective luggage. That means customer family will make the trip. We are also offering car seats and booster seats for the younger passengers aboard our limousines. If you have a unique request? Let us know and we’ll work hard to satisfy every requirement!


Contact For Safe Travel!

Whether your next trip involves an important business or family vacation. Pearson Airline Limousine Services is the resource for making it there and back safely. Our fleet is top-notch tool for delivering customer’s safety and satisfaction, this is our top priority and the guide for how we do business. When you’re traveling, let us take the wheel. When you want to set up a pick-up or have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us!

safe travel

Holiday Planning Relax And Book Limo Now

Guide For Planning  Ideal Holiday!

  • Holiday planning can be exciting for those who want to have a getaway and explore new locations.
  • Taking a holiday is an ideal way to recharge and a bit of fun while having a change of scenery.
  • Who are new to the holiday planning process! The steps to prepare for an unforgettable trip that can be remembered for a lifetime.

Choose the Destination You’ll Visit

Holiday planning process is choosing the destination where you’ll spend time in while you’re away from home. If you want to relax or stay busy ensure that you can have plenty of fun or get a bit of relaxation that you may need. You want to maintain a busy itinerary? Consider visiting a downtown area that is a popular tourist destination and is active during the day and night. Those who want to lounge in a remote location can choose to escape at a cabin in the woods or at a tropical location that is quiet and secluded.

Book Your Transportation

Taking a Pearson Airline Limousine when you’re looking to get to and from your hotel each day for a reliable mode of transportation that makes it easy to get around faster than walking or taking the subway. If you have dinner reservations or tickets to a show, consider Pearson Airline Limousine to ride in style and enjoy a memorable night out on the town.

Rent Pearson

Avoid renting a car and paying daily rates. By relying on a professional chauffeur who is familiar with the area and can easily navigate the city streets. You’ll also want to book your airline tickets in advance to obtain lower rates.

Create a Flexible Itinerary

It’s important to plan the activities that you can participate in and the attractions that you’ll visit for your upcoming holiday to ensure that you can stay busy and have plenty of fun. Research local attractions, natural landmarks, and parks that you can explore to create a plan of how you’ll spend your time each day. Create a flexible itinerary that allows you to change your plans with ease to ensure that you can avoid stress and go with the flow when you’re in the mood for a different activity that may not be on your list.

Pack the Essentials

Pack the essentials for ideal holiday, making it important to research the weather conditions during the dates that you’ll be visiting. You’ll also need

  • Toiletries.
  • Swim Gear.
  • Semi Formal Attire.
  • Camera Equipment.

Bring the hand carry bag, so that you don’t lose toothbrush or undergarments. If luggage doesn’t immediately arrive at your destination.

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holiday planning